Q. How will my children advance at their own pace?
A. Imagine Tomorrow® software is designed to identify the academic and technical levels of each child, and adjust to each child's level. Each software activity has a built-in timer, so children advance at the same time to the next activity, however, they all reach success at their own level on their own computers. This allows multi-ability levels and multi-age levels to work in one classroom setting.

Q. I'm worried that my child may not be able to concentrate or stay focused?
A. Imagine Tomorrow® classes are very engaging and interactive. The class routine was designed specifically to teach young learners how to be focused and stay on-task by keeping them entertained every step of the way. In just a few weeks, children build concentration and focus as they get more and more excited to complete their computer detective missions, and share their success with you at home.

Q. What is the teacher / student ratio? Will my child have her own computer?
A. We guarantee a 1-5 ratio at all times. The maximum class size is 6-10 children per 2 teachers, so there is guaranteed personal attention. Children work on their own computers.

Q. Can I stay for class?
A. Of course, there is an open-door policy if parents need to stay for class in cases of separation anxiety. However, children will get more out of the program, build independence and responsibility, and express themselves more freely when they are dropped off. If you do stay in class, you are expected to participate along with your child. You may only need to stay for the introduction part, and say your goodbyes when it's time for your child to go on the computer. We suggest drop-off whenever possible, but try to set up an appointment to meet the teachers before a child's first scheduled day.

Q. Why can't we just teach him at home?
A. No matter how technology-literate you or your spouse are, there is no comparison to a structured, interactive class that is part of your child's weekly routine. Since 1991, Imagine Tomorrow® has been the expert in developing a learning experience that bundles the latest, most sophisticated concepts, along with the basics, in a time-tested, proven approach that has gained national attention.

Q. Can I enroll any time of the year?
A. There is ongoing enrollment throughout the year, based on availability. Tuition is pro-rated accordingly.

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